After receiving a cochlear implant, a toddler hears for the first time, and her reaction to her father’s voice is priceless.

Toddlers live in a large world where they are constantly exposed to new experiences. A rainstorm, for example, has the potential to have a huge influence on a child who is learning for the first time that waterfalls from the sky.

So we can only imagine how little Annie felt when she finally heard the sound, owing to a cochlear implant.

In a video posted to Facebook, Annie is seen playing at a table with her dad next to her. Her mom is behind the camera with her doctor.

Annie’s dad is signing to her, and she seems un-phased by her doctor’s visit (she had cute little animals to play with, after all). Then, her doctor turned on the implant, and Annie suddenly hears her dad whispering to her.

The adorable tot was taken aback by the sounds and sought little her father for confirmation of what she was hearing. Annie moves to her father’s lap while her doctor continues to test the implant, and he explains what they’re doing using ASL and speech. “That’s mama’s voice,” her father says when her mother begins to speak.

Annie gets visibly overwhelmed by the new experience but continues on and adjusts to all the sounds. She and her dad move back over to the table, and she is finally overcome with joy as she smiles wide and looks back and forth at her parents who are equally as overwhelmed with emotion.

The video, which has been viewed over 3 million times, has racked up thousands of comments from people expressing their happiness for Annie. There are even a variety of comments from others in the hearing impaired community, sending love and encouragement to Annie and her parents during this exciting time.

Words can’t do Annie’s adorable reaction justice, though, so watch it in the video below (just make sure you have some tissues handy for your tears of joy). Then, be sure to share the love with your friends!