Creative Dad Gives His Toddler A Ride On Roller Coaster From Their Own Living Room.

Parents play a variety of games with their children because they are enjoyable ways to combine reality and fantasy.

Terrance Gay went above and beyond for his daughter Kayla by inventing a game that gave her the sensation of riding a real-life roller coaster in the comfort of their own home.

Earlier this year, Kayla’s mom, Zena, posted a Facebook video of her daughter sitting in a laundry basket on her dad’s knees in front of the TV. But they weren’t watching a boring old show, they were fusing reality with make-believe… and in the coolest way ever!

Kayla’s mother, Zena, shared a Facebook video of her daughter sitting in a laundry basket on her father’s knees in front of the TV earlier this year. They weren’t watching a dull old show; instead, they were combining reality and make-believe in the coolest way possible!

Kayla is giggling, squealing, and having a great time on the video, which was taken by Mom. “Be careful, Dad!” she warns her father as they round one of the coaster’s corners. Meanwhile, Terrance and Zena struggle to keep their laughing contained so as not to detract from their daughter’s enjoyment of the journey.

Since its posting, the video has been viewed more than 46 million times!

Terrance had no idea that his game of imagination would result in the family going viral. As comments piled up, many people have left notes applauding the dad while others shared memories of games with their parents. Several more fans said they, too, felt like they were on the roller coaster right with Kayla.

Terrance and Zena definitely know how to parent… but they shouldn’t be surprised if, in a few years, they realize they’ve raised a roller coaster junkie!

Check out the fun ride in the video below, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.