Tiny Toddler Refuses To Leave Concert Until Every Stranger Has Been Hugged.

Let’s face it, we’ve all had instances in our life when we’d benefit from an uninvited hug.

Nick and Stephanie Sasfy of Atlanta, Georgia, notified their toddler son, Jude, that it was time to leave an outdoor performance when they were gathering their bags and preparing to depart. The family had had a pleasant Saturday afternoon in the park listening to live country music, but it was likely time for Jude to return home for his sleep as the afternoon progressed.

Jude, however, had other ideas.

The sweet little boy didn’t give his parents a hard time about leaving, but he had his own agenda to follow, too. As dad started filming on his mobile phone, Jude silently walked over to a group of total strangers and wrapped his little arms around one of them in a big, tight hug.

And he kept doing it.

Jude approached these folks from behind in some situations, so they didn’t even notice him coming! The concertgoers, on the other hand, were all startled and delighted by the unexpected affection.

Jude strolled around the entire throng, handing out hugs to everyone, and not a single person turned him down. Everyone simply saw that this child has a lot of love to give.

It’s fascinating to note that to a toddler of this age, everyone he sees is a member of his extended family at the time. He doesn’t see their distinctions; all he sees is a bunch of people communing in a brightly lit field. These strangers, on the other hand, just see a cute child who wants to share his love, and who could refuse such an offer?

This is truly humanity at its best.

There aren’t enough “awws” to utter after watching this short video, and we can all learn from this child in some small but meaningful way. Let’s all go into a situation thinking of the people around us as members of our family, not strangers. Most of us are just doing our best in the world, and sometimes just recognizing the need for encouragement or understanding makes all the difference.

Watch little Jude spread the love in the video below, and be sure to share this sweet moment with others.

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Tiny Toddler Refuses To Leave Concert Until Every Stranger Has Been Hugged.
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