Your heart will melt when you see a tiger kitten cuddling his beloved teddy bear.

This post will provide you with 165 percent of the required daily amount of cuteness. But who says there’s such a thing as too much? Check it out for yourself.

Cats are beneficial to one’s health. Simply by being themselves, they drop our blood pressure. A cat offers a diverse range of tactile sensations. Their fur is very smooth. Their purrs are quite relaxing. They have a very pleasant appearance.

And, oh my goodness, are they ever eye-catching. Their aesthetic appeal is undoubtedly one of the reasons why the internet is as popular as it is today. The internet was created by people, but it was popularized by cats.

Here’s a tiger kitten who appears to be producing biscuits all the time. His human tucks him into his bed. We’re already giggling. But this is just the beginning.

When his teddy bear appears, he rushes up to grab it and cuddle it tightly. He nuzzles his chin into it as if we weren’t already dying.

Many cats, just like this one, are waiting to be adopted from shelters. Instead of viewing cats, you can’t snuggle on the internet, consider adopting one who will provide you with years of sweetness and love.

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