An adorableToddler Has Cutest Way Of Making Grumpy Travelers Smile On Delayed Flight.

When you’re sitting on an airplane waiting to take off, it’s not always easy to keep your spirits up.

There are times when your flight is so delayed that you feel that scrapping your entire itinerary and returning home is the better option! It’s critical to keep yourself occupied and entertained while waiting, and happily, for this plane’s delayed passengers, one tiny toddler was on hand to keep everyone smiling.

A girl named Georgia from Singapore shared a video of her toddler cousin on Twitter, and now the clip has gone viral worldwide. The video shows Georgia’s baby cousin toddling down the aisle of a crowded airplane, giving every passenger she meets an adorable high five.

“Help my baby cousin is such a cutie,” Georgia tweeted. “Their flight was delayed and they were stuck on the plane so she gave everyone high fives. Omg just look at her.”

The little girl is definitely a cutie, and you can tell that every person who greets her is happy to have a distraction from the irritation of sitting on a delayed flight! Who could resist giving this little girl some love?

As it turns out, there was one guy who didn’t return the child’s high five… and the internet definitely noticed! Many of Georgia’s comments on the video thread were people admonishing the “grump” for ignoring her, but we’ll go ahead and give him the benefit of the doubt!

Way to keep people smiling, little girl! Keep up the great work of spreading joy wherever you go.