A kind Border Collie and a mischievous bunny welcome a new kitten into their home.

When a kitten is introduced to two house pets, a Border Collie and a bunny, an odd friendship group emerges. Certain animals are stereotyped as being difficult to integrate into a family unit.

Dogs are programmed to go after small prey species due to the predator-prey context at play, but rabbits are prey creatures due to their size and nature. Cats are predators by nature.

But this particular trio—a Border Collie named Bianmu, a rabbit named Tutu, and a kitten named Milky—would defy the odds. In what appears to be an innocent chase, the Border Collie and the bunny are seen engaging.

The kitten is in the process of being moved. The little feline reaches out of a cardboard box, mewing. She takes in her surroundings before settling into the enfolding paper flannel.

When the car and cat arrive, the enormous black and white Border Collie is waiting at the front door. He couldn’t conceal his joy at the prospect of meeting his newest living companion. He takes a step back and reaches for the doorknob with his rear legs.

It’s a wonderful sight to see how quickly the three animals bond and interact with one another. The Border-Collie keeps an eye on the kitten and rabbit as they run around on the table and lounge on the sofa.

The kitten, dog, and rabbit rapidly become great friends. This helps the kitten feel at ease in her new home, as the rabbit and dog fuss over her and enjoy her company.

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A kind Border Collie and a mischievous bunny welcome a new kitten into their home.
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