On His Way To School, Mom Notices Toddler Reciting Cutest Positive Affirmations

One of the most difficult aspects of parenting is educating children to replace negative beliefs about themselves and the world with positive ones.

Positive thinking has been the subject of several studies, books, and TED Talks, yet it is a difficult skill for even adults to perfect. That’s why Alissa of New York City has made it a mission to teach her 3-year-old son Ayaan how to love and respect oneself on a daily basis.

So on his second birthday, Alissa taught her son a mantra of sorts — a short series of positive affirmations he can use as a motivational tool throughout his life. Although he was too young to say so at the time, apparently the lesson stuck in his little brain. But Alissa had no idea until they happened to be walking down the city sidewalk to school one day.

“I brought out my phone when he started repeating it out of nowhere,” the shocked mother remarked on Instagram. “Once we arrived at our destination, he ended (with joy lol).”

Ayaan is seen wandering down the street with his lovely little hat and backpack in the video. He recites the things his mother taught him as he walks: “I am smart. I am fortunate. “Anything is possible for me!”

Alissa was absolutely thrilled. “So proud of the little boy he is growing into,” she said.

Since she shared the video online, it has received thousands of likes, shares, and comments. “This brought tears to my eyes,” one person wrote on Instagram. “This is amazing!” another added. “What a wonderful mother!”

People everywhere are finding inspiration in this little boy’s words! We should all memorize this short but powerful set of affirmations and use them whenever we need a little extra encouragement. After all, those words are true for everyone!

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On His Way To School, Mom Notices Toddler Reciting Cutest Positive Affirmations
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