Toddler Sings “What A Wonderful World” To Baby Sister In Adorable Version.

Some life moments are so valuable that they steal our breath away.

Parents work hard in the months leading up to the birth of their child to prepare their homes and hearts for their new arrival. Those who already have children must prepare them to greet and be kind to their younger siblings. Of course, it can be exceedingly challenging, so we can’t help but feel the love when we see indications of these lessons sinking in.

In one of the sweetest viral videos we’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing, we meet a little boy whose parents clearly taught him a thing or two about being a big brother. When he takes his sister in his arms, he becomes everything they must have hoped for!

He glances down at her with such obvious love and affection, cradling the newborn (who is simply cute swaddled in a soft pink blanket). Then he begins singing “What A Wonderful World,” the song he wrote to welcome her into his life.

He couldn’t have made a better decision! The words are wistful and hopeful, and hearing them murmured in this toddler’s voice breaks our hearts wide open. We can’t help ourselves, so think how much more his family appreciated this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Is it just us, or does his younger sister appear to be smiling at him? Yes, we know that infants’ “social grins” take time to develop, but the adoring way she looks up at him can’t be a coincidence. After all, she appears to recognize her brother’s voice, indicating that the two of them are well on their way to forming a strong bond.

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Toddler Sings “What A Wonderful World” To Baby Sister In Adorable Version.
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