“Dangerous” kitten causes cuteness overload in funny and adorable video

Kittens have an abundance of cuteness and innocence. Their antics have shown to be an effective stress reliever. Pixel was one of these kittens, and he enjoyed playing with his siblings.

Pixel was a brown-furred teddy kitten with large black eyes. He had two siblings, one of whom was white and the other of whom shared Pixel’s coat color.

Their owner opted to let the kitten siblings alone on a couch, where they enjoyed playing about. Sadly, the kittens were still too young to walk properly. Pixel, on the other hand, was not deterred from exploring the various areas of the couch.

Pixel walked around from one corner of the couch to the other, hopped around a bit, and occasionally sat down for a brief moment when his tiny legs got tired.

Pixel would also try climbing the pillows and scaling new heights. But, the little guy’s tiny legs did not allow him to do so correctly. So, when his owner decided to play with him, Pixel got really excited.

Pixel decided to play with his brothers instead of explore the couch any further when he saw them. He’d pounce on his white brother with affection and playfully push the other kitty around.

The trio of wobbly kittens playing alone on the couch would undoubtedly assist anyone in overcoming a stressful situation. Finally, the owner decided to stroke Pixel’s belly and play with him.

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“Dangerous” kitten causes cuteness overload in funny and adorable video
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