Cute kitten uses Beagle’s ear as a blanket

Rue the bunny and Chloe the Beagle were close friends. Everything would be done by the pair. They enjoyed going on adventures together the most.

The dog and rabbit would sit side by side on rides. They ate snacks munch the same time and napped at the same time. Rue, on the other hand, died abruptly, and Chloe was devastated.

The humans realized they needed to do something after watching Chloe mope around the house every day. They made the decision to add a new member to their family. They brought a gray kitten home, which they called Chlea.

Immediately, life seemed to come back into Chloe’s eyes. The Beagle was overjoyed to have a small animal back in her life. The two pets got used to each other pretty quickly.

When the two fur babies lie together, Chlea even uses one of Chloe’s floppy ears as a blanket during nap time. It’s adorable to watch these two friends interact and see the happiness on the once sad Chloe’s face.

Chloe and Chlea are as inseparable as Chloe and Rue were. The owners are overjoyed to watch their lovely Beagle make a new buddy in Chlea.

Chlea wears a harness and the two go on walks together. They explore the beach together and walk side by side. Chloe has demonstrated that it is possible to open one’s heart after a devastating loss. A second chance at love is possible.

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