Parents Come Up With A Funny Solution For Their Toddler Who Wants Mommy All The Time.

It can be difficult for parents to obtain even a moment to themselves when their children are little.

The Japanese couple Nezi and Fuki Sato have found that their son is only pleased when his mother is present. When Fuki tries to undertake a duty in a different section of the house, the youngster senses her absence right away and starts fussing. Finally, to give his wife a respite, Nezi decided to try an odd “parenting trick.”

At first glance, it appears that Fuki is standing guard over their son from the opposite room in this snapshot Nezi published on Twitter. A closer examination reveals that it is not Fuki at all, but rather a life-size cardboard cutout of her! The parents just put the fake Fuki in a corner of the room so she can have some alone time now and again.

To maintain the illusion, the couple places the cutouts out of reach of the toddler. If you’re worried that the child will be left alone, realize that his father will be in the room with him the entire time. This just allows Fuki to leave the room on occasion without causing a meltdown.

The tale went viral after they published the photos on Twitter. Parents all over the world were enticed to give it a shot. Maybe moms everywhere will finally be able to use the restroom without interruption?

We do wonder what will happen when the toddler gets a little bit older and figures out what his parents have been up to! When he’s grown up and has kids of his own, he’ll understand why they resorted to trickery.

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Parents Come Up With A Funny Solution For Their Toddler Who Wants Mommy All The Time.
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