Mom Shares Adorable Thoughts On Being Quarantined From Her 3-Year-Old Toddlers

The new coronavirus has had an impact on everyone, including the very young.

Megan Elizabeth, a mother of three, has been following the quarantine restrictions and has had plenty of time to talk to her three-year-old sons about self-isolation. Her words, it seems, had a big impact on the tiny guys!

Megan said she puts their baby brother to bed every night while leaving the boys in their room. Meanwhile, her Nest security camera records their nightly discussions.

While their charming discussions make the young mother grin every time, the one they had lately while learning social distancing took the cake!

As the two boys sit on the floor, we can clearly hear them saying, “We’re in quarantine.” That accurate announcement is quickly followed by several cries of, “Go away, germs!”

Next, the brothers turn their talk to springtime and batteries, which are all very important subjects for 3-year-olds. Of course, the entire conversation quickly devolves into a pillow fight.

“The two funniest people I know,” Megan wrote when she uploaded the video to TikTok. “They usually talk about what happened that day while I put the baby to sleep.”

The video went viral instantly, and now these cute brothers are giving happiness to millions of people!

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