A toddler gives his father the sweetest pep talk to encourage him on the playground.

It’s always inspiring to watch children supporting others to achieve their goals. D’Anthony is a YouTuber and a joyful father who frequently posts photos of his amazing family on Instagram.

Taj, his toddler, is shown in a recent video climbing to the top of some playground equipment and encouraging his father to join him. “I’m too large!” says D’Anthony, who argues. “I can’t do it,” his little one says, defiantly refusing to accept no as an option. Instead, he states unequivocally that he believes in him!

“Taj was really bout to have me tearing up at the park,” D’Anthony wrote later. “He didn’t care about any of my excuses. He just believes in me with everything that he has. That’s beautiful. I’m not crying.”

We’re not crying either… well, maybe a little! Check out Taj’s wholesome cheerleading in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with a friend who needs encouragement today.