‘HEELLLLPPPP!!! ‘I’M STUCK!!’ I heard my kid cry for rescue as I stepped out of the shower.’ ‘The things we do for our kids,’ a woman hilariously’saves’ her daughter.


I heard a panicked plea for aid from one of my children as I stepped out of the shower. I quickly assessed her scream to see whether I had time to get dressed, but she sounded too desperate. So, just in case she’s clinging to the top of a bookshelf for dear life or anything equally crazy but plausible, I decided to be a 10/10 mom and rush my bare butt out.

Because it feels like a negative 1 million in my house, I rush out as my body is covered in water droplets that quickly transform into snowflakes. So, until my eyes reach our destination, my icy butt is jiggling down the hall and my nervousness is visualizing all sorts of ridiculous possibilities.

‘HEEELLPP!! HELP MomMY!’ She’s yelling at me from the middle of the living room with her arm outstretched because her foot is ‘stuck in the mud.’

With nothing but bare tiles around us, I close my eyes and take a deep breath of patience. My body has already morphed into Frosty the Snowman, so sure, what’s a few extra minutes of preserving my icicles.

When it’s time to go, my face contorts into a horrified expression.

‘Oh no!’ says the speaker. ‘Grab my hand!’ With my outstretched arm slowly stretching towards her, I yell at her. My cold heart thaws a little tiny amount when she flashes a dang cute smile.

“The things we do for our kids,” I mutter as I rescue the child, conquer the mud puddle, and trudge my frigid butt back to my room.”