The puppies saved the little one. Here is how everything happened

Local peasants discovered a baby girl in a dog burrow in the Indian village of Saristal, in the region of Chhattisgarh.

Surprisingly, she didn’t have a scratch on her body.

It’s worth noting that the puppies rescued her, despite the fact that it should have been the other way around.

The peasants heard the crying cub and went up to the dog’s den.

There they saw a newborn girl.

They did not find any leads or traces of possible relatives.

The physicians concluded that the girl was extremely fortunate following the checkup.

The umbilical cord was roughly cut after the birth, and no one else did anything with it or cared for the baby.

Apparently, the dog tracked her down and returned her to the den, where she was able to survive a really cold night thanks to the warmth of the puppies.

The girl was found just in time, because even with such protection she was in danger.

The most paradoxical thing in this story is that the girl survived.

The area is full of stray dogs, most of them extremely cruel.

There are countless cases of attacks on people and livestock.

But luck smiled at the little girl, which was already called a festive miracle in the Indian media.

The girl’s name was Akanksha.

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The puppies saved the little one. Here is how everything happened
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