How an African albino girl has turned her peculiarity into a virtue

Nature sometimes makes its own alterations to people’s looks.

Albinism is an example of such a transformation.

This is a hereditary condition in which a person’s melanin levels are low.

This phenomenon occurs more frequently in people of Slavic appearance than in members of the Negroid race.

So, eleven years ago, a blonde girl named Ava was born into the Clark household.

She was not like her parents, the girl was absolutely fair with white skin and hair.

But skin color is not the only feature of albinism.

As a rule, vision also suffers.

So it was in the case of Ava.

She had to attend a blind school.

Nonetheless, with the help of specialists, the girl was able to see clearly over time.

Ava is currently enrolled in a typical American high school.

And also the girl is very active, she loves sports: most of all she likes running and gymnastics.

It’s hard not to notice such a unique appearance, so soon offers for cooperation from modeling agencies began to pour in.

Ava has already participated in photo shoots for world magazines such as BOOM Magazine and VIP Magazine.

But the girl considers her biggest achievement to be shooting in the video of her idol, singer Beyonce.

In the modern world, albinism in Africa no longer scares anyone, but on the contrary, attracts public attention.

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How an African albino girl has turned her peculiarity into a virtue
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