She found a kitten in the street and took a great care. Here is how he looks now

We come across several stray cats and dogs when walking down the street.

Some are extremely well-adapted to their surroundings.

However, there are times when animals require immediate assistance.

This assistance should be provided as soon as feasible.

The protagonist of today’s story is a cat named Brownie.

He was born with only two fingers on his right hand.

Besides, the kitten was abandoned on the street.

Until one beautiful day, he strolled around with his malformed paw and no one paid attention to him.

Justina, a young woman sees him and decides to take the cat home.

She begins to take care of him and look after him.

To feed him she used the bottle until he gained strength.

This poor cat at the end of death, abandoned by everyone found love and joy in life thanks to Justina.

The little cat came to its senses again and turned out to be a rather too beautiful creature.

Well, the most important thing is that this dirty and sick kitten turned into a cheerful cat with a kind heart.

He loves not only life but also humans.

Brownie is very fond of her savior and constantly follows her.

He is infinitely devoted to Justina.