To see how her daughter grows and matures, the doctors advised to lose weight. What happened to her and her family

Doctors told a young woman from Essex, who weighed more than 120 kg at the age of 24, that she needed to lose weight quickly if she wanted to see her daughter grow up.

Let’s see what kind of accomplishments she was able to attain as a group.

Lily has always been overweight and has tried to reduce weight since she was 12 years old, but the weight has always returned.

She gained another 40 kg after giving delivery.

She stopped going out because she was ashamed and embarrassed.

Lily went to the hospital to take antidepressant medication, but she left with a jolt and renewed motivation.

After a medical examination, the therapist warned the young mother that she was at risk of heart failure and diabetes and that if she did not change her lifestyle and diet, she might not live to see the day when Mila matured.

This was a wake-up call for the young mother.

In the maternity ward, her daughter was taken to the intensive care unit with suspected sepsis, now the woman was experiencing a huge fear of losing the baby.

Thanks to a comprehensive approach, including proper nutrition and exercise, Lily managed to lose 70 kilograms in a year.

She replaced fast food with salads and healthy homemade food.

Lily says that it was her daughter Mila who motivates her.

The young mother shared that it was not difficult to follow the new diet rules.

Now she is happy not only with weight loss, but also with the fact that she sets an example of proper and healthy nutrition to her child, who will no longer see her mother eating hamburgers, chips, fatty pizza, and chocolate all day long.