The couple had twin sisters with varied skin tones six years ago. Anaya and Mila as they appear now

Interracial couples’ children are known for having an uncommon appearance.

Anaya and Mila, twins from the United Kingdom, drew attention almost soon after their birth.

They were the talk of the world six years ago.

The cause for this was the females’ varying skin tones.

We’ll discuss the babies’ early years and how they appear now.

The skin of newborn females gradually altered after a few weeks:

Mila’s skin darkened, whereas Anaya’s skin remained light like her mother’s.

Such genetic changes happen, but it is very rare.

The girls ‘ mother explained:

“Since they are not identical twins, Mila took more of their father’s genes, and Anaya took more of mine.”

“We can’t believe they’re twins, they have the same birthday, the same mom and dad, but they’re just complete opposites in every sense.”

Hannah knows that her daughters’ situation is not an isolated case, but she is still worried about the girls’ future.

The concerned mother is frightened of public scorn and rejection from her children’s school team.

Hannah and Kyle were besieged by the media almost immediately after the twins were delivered.

Photos of the couple with newborns appeared in the world media, many publications tried to explain the phenomenon of the sisters.

Now, six years later, the media attention on the family has subsided.

Parents try not to stir up public interest in their girls: they keep a closed account on social networks and occasionally post photos of Mila and Anaya.