The girl went from 320 kilograms to 80. She’s transformed into a true beauty!

There were continuous fights between Christina Phillips’ parents throughout her family. The child was quite concerned about this, and the only thing that provided her with comfort was food. Stress eating became a habit, and uncontrolled eating became the norm, resulting in weight gain and obesity.

The girl’s excessive weight made living difficult, yet she made no attempt to address the issue. She stopped going out and was terrified of being seen in public. Over time, Kristina’s weight increased to the point that she could no longer fully walk or even serve herself in regular situations.

As a result, the physicians informed the girl that her life was in jeopardy because she was only 22 years old and that if she did nothing, things could turn out disastrously. As a result, Phillips took the decision to make a significant change in her life. She applied to a popular television show in which a nutritionist and a personal trainer assist a person in losing weight.

Kristina had her excess fat surgically removed first. She then underwent extensive rehabilitation and training. She was also taught how to eat nutritiously. And, despite weighing 320 kg, the girl was able to lose 80 pounds!

Now she is no longer afraid to look in the mirror, go outside, go to the shops, etc