The Eastenders Theme Song Makes These Twin Babies Laugh Out Loud. They have a better sense of rhythm than I do!

It’s a moment that every mother fantasizes about since their baby is placed in their arms. It’s that heartbreaking moment when their new child looks into their eyes and smiles. It usually leaves a mother in euphoric tears, and she will go to any length to keep those grins coming.

In any event, let’s fast forward a few months to when the baby is sitting up and starting to stand on its own. This is the stage at which children learn to perceive things as amusing and can be induced to snicker.

To encourage their children to laugh, snicker, or just descend from a specific fit, all mothers appear to understand what techniques work for their newborns and will demonstrate plane unreasonableness. For a few infants, bouncy movements work, while for others, unobtrusive shaking works.

Whatever the ruse, a mother will definitely make a fool of herself in order to elicit those sticky grins.