The cornerstone of a great relationship is love and kindness. A really surprising story

Many individuals take in stray dogs and animals, as well as orphaned children…

There aren’t many people who aren’t afraid to take on such a burden, but there are some who are.

However, there are even more unusual situations, such as when someone removes a lonely elderly person from a nursing home who has no children, family, or own home.

This is the tale we’ll tell you about today.

Anna was an orphan who had been raised by her grandmother since she was a child.

She took the place of her mother and father and lavished all of her affection on them.

It’s a shame that individuals don’t live forever, and she passed away at the age of 83. Anna was 30 years old at the time.

The child was devastated by the loss of her sole loved one, and in order to ease her spiritual sorrow, she volunteered at a nursing home.

As she says herself, she wanted to help them all, because lonely old people get the least love and care.

It was there that Anna met 78-year-old Eva.

The woman had no relatives, she was completely alone.

She had a son, but he passed away 33 years ago.

During the year of communication, they became very attached to each other.

The girl says that Eva reminds her very much of her grandmother.

Anna decides to take custody of her and move her from the nursing home to her apartment.

Eva resisted for a long time, she did not want to be a burden to the girl, but Anna was adamant.

At the moment Eva is already 85 years old, she still lives with Anna.

The young lady was committed to her treatment and is now feeling much better.

Anna later married and had a child.

They are now all living in the same house.

Everyone believes Eva to be their own grandmother because she has been their closest friend throughout the years.

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