“I Am Here!” Mother Posts An Adorable Photo Of Her Newborn Holding Her “Failed” Birth Control Device

Every child is a miracle, and every pregnancy is a life-changing event. Certain pregnancies, on the other hand, are so unexpected that it’s acceptable to assume some infants are simply determined to be born. Lucy Hellein’s journey was similar, so she determined to find a unique way to commemorate her child’s birth.

Mirena IUD in the hands of a newborn baby
With her birth announcement, Lucy Hellein has become a viral sensation. Rather than using a typical photo of the infant, the mother did something unique. She shared a photo of the tiny miracle clutching the IUD that had failed in his tiny palm. It was her way of sharing her experience when her birth control failed to prevent her from becoming pregnant.

The doctors found her Mirena IUD hidden behind her placenta. In an Instagram post, Lucy explained that the baby came as a “HUGE surprise.”

The woman demonstrated the picture of her 37-week baby bump and explained that she was part of the 1% who end up pregnant despite using a Mirena IUD.

In the adorable picture, which was taken only a few hours after the birth, baby Dexter’s face was adorably squished up as he held the IUD in his little hand. Many people found the picture quite funny.

@guillermobuendiamx, an Instagram user, wrote: “What a scene! “What a moment!!!,” wrote one user, @kellieamurray, while another added, “Big boy!” He was like, “Ain’t no IUD going to stop me from entering the world!” Mommy, daddy, and siblings, congrats!”

Lucy took to the comments section to add that the baby was not born holding the IUD. A nurse placed it in his hand as a joke to take the photo.

What a memorable picture! Welcome to the world, baby Dexter! We believe you are full of other surprises for your parents!

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“I Am Here!” Mother Posts An Adorable Photo Of Her Newborn Holding Her “Failed” Birth Control Device
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