Baby is adorable. In a sweet video, Leo delightfully fights sleep.

In a video that has received over 7 million views, this cute newborn battles the urge to sleep. Babies strive to stay awake so that they can continue to enjoy their leisure time and playtime.

Lisa Jones shared a video of her adorable young baby attempting to stay awake. The small infant Leo was placed in a car seat, and his camera gave short smiles with his dozy eyes as he stared at his mother.

Leo gives mom a prankish smirk every time he closes and opens his little eyes, as if to say, “I’m already a tough guy.” This deed impressed viewers like Selin, who stated she watches the movie on a daily basis because it makes her feel good.

When Leo closes his eyes, you should not assume he is about to fall asleep. But that quickly changes, and he’s back to winking at his mother with a deceitful smile.

For just failing to sleep, this devious behavior has netted the lovely kid a massive 7.2 million views. Many grownups would appreciate such an opportunity, knowing how difficult it is to obtain adequate sleep and that each opportunity that presents itself is a nap opportunity.

A second admirer admits to having four children but has never witnessed such an endearing scene as a baby attempting to stay awake in a sweet manner. It’s a choice for Leo between entering the dream world and staying awake to be with his mother.

For many mothers, getting a baby to sleep may be a difficult task, especially when the baby does not want to. There could be a variety of causes for their behavior, but the majority of the time it ends in tears. Baby Leo has his own way of doing things, and he has a considerable fan base.

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Baby is adorable. In a sweet video, Leo delightfully fights sleep.
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