A typical day in the life of a mother of quintuplets

The Scotts are outnumbered by children. Jamie and Skyler are the parents of two elder boys, Shayden and Landon, as well as quintuplets Lily, Violet, Daisy, Logan, and Lincoln.

A day in the life of a family with five babies to look after is depicted in this video. The big brothers are quite helpful. They cuddle newborns and assist with feeding.

The house is constantly buzzing with family and church friends. They take turns washing bottles, feeding babies, and holding cranky babies so Skyler and Jamie can get some rest.

Milk bottles are stacked in Scott’s refrigerator. Every day, Jamie admits, they go through thirty bottles and diapers. It can be even more if the babies are going through a growth spurt.

They don’t bathe the babies every day, but if they develop neck cheese, they are given extra baths. Skyler wraps Logan in a swaddle and gives him a relaxing spa bath in the sink.

After all the babies have been fed, there’s an hour and a half that Skyler calls “happy hour.” This is when all the babies are content and sleepy.

Life with quintuplets is nonstop. Jamie and Skyler have moments of sheer exhaustion and, no doubt, sleep deprivation. But they are so blessed with their bundles of joy and wouldn’t trade that for the world!

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A typical day in the life of a mother of quintuplets
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