Young duo ice skate to ‘City Of Stars’ from ‘La La Land’

Evelina Pokrasnetyeva, nine, and Ilya Makarov, twelve, put on a spectacular ice skating show. Ilya Izaslavovich Averbukh, their famed coach, aided them.

They skated to ‘City Of Stars,’ from the film ‘La La Land,’ for the competition, which had a movie music theme. The relationship between the two teenage skaters is evident, and their friendship is exceptional.

Throughout the journey, their coach was encouraging. He was on the ice with them as they practiced, and he stood off to the side for the performance.

Evelina wore a pretty yellow dress covered with flowers, and Ilya wore slacks and a grey shirt. They went on the ice and took their positions. Ilya started the routine with Evelina waiting for her queue to enter.

It was a mesmerizing sequence as Evelina entered with a smile on her face. The crowd cheered for them, and the duo converged on the ice and began skating together.

It wasn’t merely a dancing routine for them. It was a narrative in itself. On the ice, there was a bench, and Ilya pulled Evelina onto it, where she danced while he supported her.

As if they were flying, Evelina and Ilya glided across the ice. Their maneuvers were flawless, and they had complete faith in one another. They were given a bouquet of flowers and a hug from their coach after their performance.

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Young duo ice skate to ‘City Of Stars’ from ‘La La Land’
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