This couple’s morning routine for their seven children

Parents understand how difficult it can be to get the entire family up and moving in the morning. Breakfast must be prepared, hair must be styled, lunches must be packed, and cuddles must be given.

Skyler and Jamie Scott have seven children and are very proud of them. They have five toddlers and two older boys (three girls and two more boys).

To get their family of nine up and running every morning, the Scotts need a little more planning and routine. This video demonstrates how much effort it takes to simply get out of bed in the morning.

It all starts with five vitamin D milk bottles. The bigger guys then assist in waking up the three little girls. As the girls are unzipped from their fleece sleepers, hugs and giggles abound.

Jamie and her sons go upstairs to wake up the boys after giving her daughter their bottles. Every morning, the mother of seven explains, is like Christmas morning. Having seven gorgeous children is a unique characteristic that never gets old.

Later, Skyler takes his oldest son to middle school. Though adolescence can be a time of great transition, the father and son talked about how wonderful it is to have five toddlers in the house who are learning so much. They also talked about having a nine-year-old boy and how they need to appreciate that he’s still a “kid” because he’ll be in middle school soon, too.

The video wraps up with Jamie and his friend visiting Costco at Christmas. Jamie talks about all of the holiday goodies and how much he enjoys going to Costco. It’s lovely to see this family’s love for each other and how much fun they have.

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This couple’s morning routine for their seven children
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