This Little Boston Terrier Enjoys Playing In Her Crib With His Human Sister – These Two Are Quite The Pair

Everyone knows that dogs make excellent friends. They can provide a never-ending supply of joy and company. They are ecstatic to make us laugh, and they love it when we pay attention to them when they do something ridiculous.

Humphrey, a Boston Terrier, has a knack for making his family laugh. This is a skit he created to make his mother laugh. Just to be amusing, watch him jump in and out of this crib repeatedly.

Keira, the gorgeous baby, watches, and giggles hysterically as her closest friend goes back and forth from the crib. If Keira needs a nap, she won’t be getting one anytime soon.

Humphrey is scolded by his mother, who instructs him to get out of the cot. He obeys and leaps out, only to dash back around the room and re-enter the room with Keira. Mom had to beg him to get out of the crib once more, but her plea falls on deaf ears this time.

The dog is just being silly now – he heard mom giggling when she scolded him. Guaranteed you will smile watching this cute clip of Keira and Humphrey playing. These two are going to have a ball together as Keira gets older.