Toddler Feeds His Canine Friends in an Unusual Way

Between pets and children, there is a special link that develops. Kids and dogs rapidly form a bond of friendship. If they’re not attempting to get away with something behind your back, they’re trying to get away with something right in front of your face. They are constantly in collusion, making messes together and then blaming each other so that no one gets in trouble. But one thing is certain: if you start paying attention, you won’t be able to keep from giggling at some of their antics.

When this mother spotted her puppies getting additional food in between meals, she decided to look into it. So she made the wise decision to follow her toddler as he was on his way to the meal.

The cute kid was nearly completely engrossed in the food container, grabbing as much as he could to throw on the floor for his canine companions. I’m very sure two dogs were waiting for him, so this is a typical occurrence.

The lovely kid even tried a bite of the food, albeit he spits it out on mom’s advice (not to worry, one of the pooches was happy for more, slobber and all). While mom understands why the dogs aren’t finishing their dinner, I’m sure she thought it was cute how her son was giving his friends goodies. A video that will undoubtedly make you grin.

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Toddler Feeds His Canine Friends in an Unusual Way
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