Mom Has Her Baby Boy Asleep On Her Lap, As Well As The Dog And, Oh, Another Dog Too?

Introducing the newest member of the family to the other previous members is a subject that many first-time parents worry about during their pregnancy and birth. It also doesn’t apply only to older siblings.

Animal parents understand that introducing babies to older, furrier siblings can be difficult at times, so taking a few safeguards is common and advised.

In our video, it appears to be a mom, sitting in bed with her baby son asleep on her lap. Snuggling into the baby is one of the other, larger and furrier, family members. And on the other side of him is yet another dog. Talk about a family gathering!

Your heart is going to melt when you watch it yourself and see all these guys together. Clearly, her mom can be comforted that the baby has such wonderful protectors.