His little sister runs up to him every time the school bus drops him off at home and gives him a big hug.

Although brothers and sisters may quarrel over the most insignificant of matters, they have an unexplainable kinship. They are always there for each other, despite their regular quarrels. They don’t always agree, don’t always want to share their toys, and don’t always want to watch the same channel, yet their bond is still the strongest. The squabbling is quickly forgotten. Cuddles stick with you for the rest of your life.

Take, for example, the video below, which has a beautiful couple. This mother must be overjoyed and pleased with both of her children. Every afternoon, her adorable young daughter joins her in waiting for her brother to get home.

We can imagine this darling girl’s tremendous excitement as she sees that flash of yellow rounding the corner every afternoon. When his school bus drops him off at their driveway, she starts running towards him with arms wide open. She gives him a big hug, and he responds with an equal amount of love and pleasure.

This happens every single day of the school week. Wait till you see them for yourself, it is going to melt your heart. Let’s hope this sibling’s love continues on through their lives.