The Giggles Of These Twins Playing With Their Pomeranian Are Contagious. You’ll be laughing at the same time as they are.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing a baby laugh. No matter how hard you try not to laugh along with them, their laughter is simply infectious. If you ever find yourself in a foul mood, watch a baby video. It will undoubtedly cheer you up.

There are plenty of giggling babies on the internet, but this one could well take the cake. Just wait until you see this adorable video. In this video, a pair of twins can’t stop giggling at their Pomeranian performing tricks.

The dog is in the makeshift playpen with the babies, who are leaning against the side for a better view of their dog. While remaining in the playpen, the dog leaped up to receive the rewards when the owner showed him. That was enough to get the babies to have a wonderful time.

These two little guys burst out laughing at the expense of the small dog, but the Pom doesn’t seem to mind! In fact, the dog appears to be completely oblivious to the twins. It’s all about the sweets for him. Those guffaws will make your heart melt.

These twins are sobbing because they are laughing so hard. They appear to be too little to be able to laugh until they cry, but there’s something about this little dog that makes them giggle uncontrollably. While feeding the dog the treats, even mom is giggling at them.