Thanksgiving Miracle Baby Stuns Doctors and His Excited Parents

No mother wants to hear that kind of news. Doctors told Jocelyn Robinson that her baby had no heartbeat. Jocelyn was suffering from serious difficulties when she arrived at Mt. Sinai Hospital. After an ultrasound, doctors concluded that the baby had died. Dr. Sampson explained, “I had to sort of be extremely honest with her and say, “We don’t hear a heartbeat.” She even enlisted the help of a second physician. “Another doctor entered the room and said, ‘I’m sorry, your kid has passed.’ “We can’t find the heartbeat,” Jocelyn explained.

Of course, the parents were heartbroken to learn this, but their lives were about to alter dramatically. Ignacio Guzman, his father, recalled, “When they told me he passed away, I just started crying.” Doctors then focused on saving Jocelyn, who was critically bleeding. Her cervix had been closed by her placenta, a condition called placenta previa. But what happened next is being referred to described as a Thanksgiving miraculous delivery by experts.

Dr. Sampson heard the tiny baby boy gasp. Then she heard it again. The doctor quickly alerted the nurses who made sure he was all right. Born at just four pounds, 13 ounces, Noah turned out to be a miraculously healthy baby boy.

“I will never forget this day. Thanksgiving Day and my baby is born,” said the baby’s father, Ignacio Guzman. “It’s a miracle. You can’t say anything other than that,” said Dr. Sampson.

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