Cute Newborn Twins Sweetly ‘Talk’ to Each Other Just After Birth

I’ve always appreciated twins for one thing: the advantage they have when it comes to human contact. They shared nine months in their mother’s womb, which was slightly more crowded than a New York studio apartment. Even though they didn’t communicate there, they became aware of each other rather quickly and learned how to respect each other’s personal space. “Um. “Your foot is in my face once more.” “Sorry. For fun, let’s kick Mommy’s rib once more.” “OK!”

The baby girls in this video are adorable as they demonstrate their bond. They can virtually read each other’s minds just by staring into each other’s eyes. It’s all in preparation for when they’re older and in school.

Their daddy is filming them while they wear their newborn caps. Before he and his wife brought the babies home, he presumably did that to remind himself of how calm the babies appeared. I could almost envision these newborn twins having a conversation. “Dana?” “Are you sure, Dawn?” “It’s a lot bigger out here than it was in mommy’s stomach.” “Yup.” “Man, they wrapped us really tight. I’m unable to move my arms…” “Yup. “Neither do I.” “Let’s take a snooze.” “Cool.”

The foundations for a lifetime of near-psychic relationships have already begun to take shape. Let’s fast forward 20 years from the time of this video. It’d be fascinating to witness how they communicate with one another at that point. Would they still be as relaxed as they appear in this video? One of them could be hyperactive, while the other is calm and serene. But there’s a good chance they’ll maintain the friendship they formed in the hospital.

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Cute Newborn Twins Sweetly ‘Talk’ to Each Other Just After Birth
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