Pastor And Wife Find Two Babies In Trash and A New Family is Made

As Mark, a member of the Metropolitan Ministries walked out of the building, he noticed something unusual. The building, which was located in Pasco County, Florida, had an unusual deposit. Someone had abandoned two small boys, who were only wearing their diapers and nothing else, on a heap of rubbish. They belonged to a homeless family who had camped out in their tent in the woods nearby, and they were both brothers, with a 2-year-old and a 7-month-old.

When the pastor of the Refuge Church heard the story, he immediately recognized the youngsters as the children of a family that ate at the church’s soup kitchen on a daily basis. Refuge Church was formed by Pastor Ronnie Stewart and his wife Krystal in a part of Pasco County, Florida, where there was a large homeless population. They wanted to aid the neighborhood, so they collaborated with Metropolitan Ministries to provide free hot meals to the homeless twice a week at the church.

Their hearts melted when they saw the faces of the little youngsters peering at them through glass doors as a storm approached. They knew the parents were stoned, that they were camping, and that the kids had been in their strollers for at least 10 hours.

The pastor and his wife couldn’t conceive of returning home to a warm environment and abandoning their children to the elements. They took the boys home, asking for their parent’s consent, and bathed and fed them. After returning them, they didn’t expect to see them again until the following Sunday after church, when the parents and a social worker approached them.

It was determined that the boys would be removed from the parents’ care immediately, and they needed to know if the couple would take the boys on for a temporary time frame. Five months later, the family is now in the process of adopting the two boys and think of this as a blessing. “We are here to meet the community’s needs, and these boys are in need.”

Just six weeks back, Krystal had a total hysterectomy done due to fighting an early cancer diagnosis and couldn’t have any more kids and looks to this as a gift from God. With advice from friends, a GoFundMe page was started to raise $10,000 to cover legal fees in the adoption process, and the amount exceeded that by $30,000.Good things happen to good people. I was really touched by this story. This inspiring story gives me faith in the goodness in the world.

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Pastor And Wife Find Two Babies In Trash and A New Family is Made
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