Newborn Twin Sister Soothes Crying Brother In Adorable Video

When it comes to twins, it’s a whole new world. Brothers and sisters share a kinship that only siblings can understand, but it’s a whole different world when it comes to twins. The bond that twins share is really unique. This video is confirmation of the bond’s existence if you ever needed it. This video went viral on YouTube, garnering millions of views.

‘Twin Mom,’ a YouTube user, put her infants to sleep in their cribs and went about her tasks while keeping an eye on the baby monitor, which captured every sound they made. When she heard her baby son cry, she looked across the room and saw his twin sister soothing him.

Because his mother wasn’t available to console him right away, his twin sister took care of the situation. She pacified him by putting her thumb in his mouth, allowing her to sleep soundly. When her brother began to cry out, the twin sister was clearly at ease on her side, about to enter baby land. His sister, curled into their crib, just pressed her thumb into his lips, and her brother stopped weeping.

Although many viewers believe the sister was acting as a protective sibling and assisting her brother in relaxing, others believe it was just a great coincidence. Whatever the case may be, we couldn’t help but share this adorable video with you.

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