You’ve missed a great opportunity if this doesn’t make you laugh out loud!

Oh, to be young once more. Adults view themselves as babies in their reflections in this video, which leads to an enormous dance party. Keep an eye on the baby with the mustache made of chocolate milk. You’ll want to participate in the dancing with these men since they’re all so cute.

Adults are walking down a busy street when their ‘inner infants’ appear in a storefront window reflection in this lovely video. Of course, they begin to dance, as any self-respecting adult-baby would. The end effect is amusing and well-executed.

Dance is how the adult characters communicate with their baby selves! This reminds me and my fellow old-timers of the old Charlie Chaplin joke about Charlie finding his “independent” self in the mirror, but I digress.

Returning to the video, as it nears its conclusion, a sweet older citizen is walking her dog when she notices the magical window. Her dog transforms into a puppy and she transforms into a beautiful toddler. This is far too adorable to not watch and share right now, as it will brighten anyone’s day.

So, why is Evian marketing their water to babies? You’ll be glad you inquired since the answer will please any history lover. The brand’s association with children dates back to 1935 when it was promoted as the ideal water for babies due to its “pH-neutral mineral makeup,” as it was labeled. Evian is now given to their babies by more mothers than any other brand of water. Yup. You now know.

This type of Internet video commercial is about happiness, energy, and sharing! We say ‘sharing’ because this video is one of our most popular ones here on Madly Odd. It has been shared thousands of times because it’s just so cute. So, scroll down, and tell us what you thought of these dancing babies. See what others have to say and share your story, too.

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You’ve missed a great opportunity if this doesn’t make you laugh out loud!
The toddlers and the audience had no idea what was going to happen next.