When Dad Blows Out the Candles on His Cake – One of His Daughters Wasn’t Happy

The Busbys aren’t your typical American family in any way. There are eight Busbys in total: mom, dad, and six, count ’em, six children. The fact that the Busbys are the only family in the United States with all-girl quintuplets is even more unusual. So having six daughters isn’t as important as having one plus five.

It was Father’s Day. While he celebrated with their girls gathered around him, Mom was present and had the video rolling. It was a particularly memorable occasion because it was the first time all six ladies had gathered to spend his birthday with him.

We can certainly describe the situation as dad being outnumbered six to one based on what happened in the video (or seven if we count mom). Everyone was having a good time, especially when the six daughters sang “Happy Birthday” to their father. Isn’t a private choir a great birthday present?

It was time to blow out the candles after the song was over. Everyone stood there watching as dad drew the cake closer to him, huffed and puffed, and blew out all the candles. Are you thinking of a great way to end a birthday celebration? Let’s just say the quintuplets were not pleased.

What followed was nothing short of a chain reaction of cuteness. Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige, and Parker Kate surprise their father with a birthday serenade while their elder sister Blayke looks on. If you’re a parent, or even if you’re not, the Busby family’s birthday video will make you laugh out loud.

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When Dad Blows Out the Candles on His Cake – One of His Daughters Wasn’t Happy
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