Video of a baby dancing to music. Keep an eye on him as he approaches Beyoncé! TOO ADORABLE!

When it comes to music, Queen Bey has made history, broken and established several records, and is unquestionably included on today’s Top Music Charts. Her largest and youngest fan must be the one who draws the most attention to her.

When Dad turned on the television to see Queen Bey’s music video ‘Single Ladies,’ he wasn’t expecting his young one to start dancing to her beats! The baby couldn’t even stand, let alone dance, but music and rhythm must run through his blood!

The child bobs and sways to her lyrics and tune, holding on to the table for support. You can’t help but notice the child’s delight as he or she hears the music for the first time. He’s clearly smitten with Beyoncé and isn’t scared to admit it.

The parents are giddy with delight at their child’s joyful dancing. It literally melts your heart! Babies have a way of making you squeal with delight, and this beautiful video did not disappoint!

Have you ever seen your child act in such a cute way? Do you have any anecdotes about your child to share? What are your thoughts on the video? Let us know what you think in the comments area. We look forward to hearing from you!