The Story of a Hug That Changed Medicine

Kyrie and Brielle Jackson were born 12 weeks early and weighed only 2 pounds each. Despite their appearance, the physicians discovered abnormalities: their breathing was erratic, they were both underweight, and they were both early. Premature newborns were considered to be in grave danger, according to medical personnel.

The twins were separated and placed in separate incubators to undergo specialized intensive care. Kyrie’s condition improved over the next few days, and she gained weight after her birth, but her twin sister Brielle was having a much harder time, and it was affecting her health. She yelled and sobbed a lot, had trouble breathing, and was completely blue in the face.

Twin Brielle’s heart was racing out of control, beating violently like a panic attack, but much worse given that she was holding a frail, small newborn. Nothing the physicians and nurses tried seemed to be effective. Medical treatment that was considered “standard” was failing them. Nobody wanted to say it, but things did not appear to be going well.

This was a life-threatening scenario, and her fragile system was being pushed to its limits both physically and mentally. Her life force was being drained. Then one of the nurses came up with a brilliant idea that was revolutionary at the time. She placed the healthy twin close to her anxious sibling.

To believe what happened next, you have to witness it for yourself. The stronger twin put her arm around the weaker twin and hugged her tightly. The result was instantaneous and miraculous. You must watch to properly comprehend what you are about to witness. It’s nothing short of incredible. When little Brielle’s health improved, the entire Neonatal ICU department of the hospital was taken aback.

When nothing else worked – the doctor’s skill, the multiple IV injections, and the nurses’ valiant efforts – a simple hug did the trick, demonstrating that contact heals. That intelligent nurse was breaking all the laws, as ludicrous as that may appear. Her activities had not been usual protocol up until that point, and she was jeopardizing her job, not to mention the possibility of jail time, if anything went wrong. Go ahead and embrace someone now that you know how powerful hugs are. You have the ability to heal others.

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