Mom Records Son With Down Syndrome Singing Whitney Houston, Has No Idea Internet Would React Like THIS

His mother never expected such a positive response to a video of his little kid with Down syndrome singing a Whitney Houston classic. Who knew so many people would fall in love with her special little child so quickly?

Music, like love, is universal. It has the ability to transcend any limitations that a person may have and reach millions of people with a single note. Music is a universal language that anybody may understand.

On Facebook, a young boy’s version of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” has racked up millions of likes. Dane Miller, 9, has Down syndrome, but that didn’t stop him from earning over 25 million views on his YouTube video after only a week. He’s incredible!

After little Dane Miller chose to entertain the family with a song while sitting in the backseat of the family car, the Miller family posted the cute video you’re about to watch.

His mother claims he fell in love with the song when the family saw a documentary about the artist last year, and he’s been singing it in the car ever since.

He loves to sing Whitney Houston songs, as this video which became viral proves. He is singing with all his heart and even makes you wonder if a singing career is in the making.