These Darling Brothers Connect! 17-Month-Old Twin Boys Have Heart-To-Heart in Kitchen.

It’s always entertaining to watch babies interact with one another. They speak their own language and communicate in their own ways. Twins, on the other hand, have an advantage because they shared space in their mother’s womb for nine months. Who wouldn’t want to be cramped in those conditions for such a long time? All they have to do is exchange glances to let the other know what to do. However, in some cases, as in this video, it appears that they simply enjoy each other’s company.

Two identical twin boys are standing in their parents’ kitchen, chattering animatedly to each other. We think it’s gibberish, but one of them is staring intently at the other’s face as if he’s truly paying attention to what’s being said. I’d say they have a far longer attention span than many of the individuals I know.

Some people believe that one of them is advising the other that two socks are preferable to one. They appear like wrestlers in the locker room after a match, standing there in nothing but their diapers and socks (sock for one). It’s as though one of them is telling the other about a recent match. “First, I raised my arm and hit him across the face with it. Then I kneed him in the groin with my elevated leg. That was never seen by the ref!” “Ha! That’s fantastic! “Please tell me more!”

These boys will grow up, and their parents will most likely disgrace them by showing them this film at some time in their lives. They’ll keep developing their twin link by having more discussions like this, though people will eventually be able to understand what they’re saying. They could, however, want to create their own baby speak code after seeing this video. After all, what’s better than twins’ secrets?

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These Darling Brothers Connect! 17-Month-Old Twin Boys Have Heart-To-Heart in Kitchen.
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