Excited Grandpa Meets New Grandchild when His Daughter Confesses Shocking Truth

Having a sibling gives a bond unlike any other for most men. Having a son is a huge accomplishment. It allows you to share your life experiences with a smaller version of yourself. What if you don’t have either? What if you are, and have been, the only man in your entire family for generations? For Landry James, this is the truth.

He learned to be patient and sympathetic as a result of growing up with two sisters and subsequently four daughters. Two gorgeous granddaughters had provided him greater joy in recent years, yet there was still something lacking. Despite his love for the women in his life, Landry often felt lonely as the family’s sole male member. Change, on the other hand, was on the way!

When one of Landry’s daughters discovered she was carrying a boy, she hatched a plan to surprise Grandpa! Keeping the secret to herself, Carie Elbe set about giving her father the greatest gift. As the big day arrived, the entire family showed up at the hospital, eager to meet the new arrival. Grandpa Landry arrives, and the camera footage shows us how he got the best surprise of his life.

Landry had pestered his daughter throughout her pregnancy with questions about the gender of her unborn child. She ended up resorting to little white lies, telling him it was another girl. Keeping the truth a secret, she waited until he arrived to meet his new grandchild, by which time the rest of the family had learned the truth.

His two little grandkids were also in on the deception! Carie puts her infant son’s leg aside as he approaches the side of the bed, and Landry sees the horrifying truth. He is speechless as the family erupts in laughter around the room as he takes a minute to comprehend the reality of the scenario.

Landry’s joy is palpable as the sensation rushes over him. He is overcome with delight and calls them all “brats” for preserving the secret! This heartfelt family event was captured on film, and they will cherish it for years to come.

Carie chose the name Grandpa for the baby boy to retain the name in the family. Long the next boy may take a while to arrive, we’re confident Landry Senior and Landry Junior will be enjoying life in the meanwhile. Take a peek at the video below to see a heartwarming family moment.

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Excited Grandpa Meets New Grandchild when His Daughter Confesses Shocking Truth
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