Mom Records Baby’s Hilarious First Word and The Internet Is in Stitches

Fortunately, we live in a time where science and technology are combining to generate miraculous-like answers to enhance our lives, and doctors are continually able to provide options for us and our loved ones.

Charlotte Keane was born deaf, with no explanation for why. It was just one of those things, and the news must have come as a surprise to her parents. Christy, her mother, resorted to social media to express her feelings.
“She never heard me tell her how much I prayed for her when she was in my womb, she never heard me welcome her into the world, she’s never heard me sing her to sleep—and the most difficult to bear, she’s never heard me say ‘I love you.'”

Little Charlotte was far too young at the time for the initial cochlear implants that would allow her to hear, so the specialists opted to try a hearing aid instead – and what a magnificent result was obtained.
When Christy tells her daughter that she loves her and Charlotte hears those words for the first time, there won’t be a dry eye in the house!
Christy resorted to social media once more to express her gratitude. Science and technology are amazing, aren’t they? Assisting infant girls in hearing for the first time!

“Today, Charlotte received her hearing aids, which was the miracle I had been waiting for.” We didn’t think she’d hear anything, so this was more fantastic than words can express!”
And she may wish to express gratitude to those unsung heroes — the doctors who work diligently to offer good health care for our loved ones. Little Charlotte might not have heard her mother speak until she was much older if it hadn’t been for their knowledge and competence, and it’s critical to listen to their words as soon as possible. Watch Charlotte’s reaction in the video below — it’s priceless!

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Mom Records Baby’s Hilarious First Word and The Internet Is in Stitches
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