These kids hilariously took advantage of the loophole in their parents’ instructions

Concepts like “literally” and “figuratively” are difficult for children to grasp. When you ask a five-year-old to do something, they may do it — and very literally at times.

Indeed, you never know what to expect, and the consequences are frequently more shocking than anticipated. As you’ll see, kids can and will come up with some fantastic interpretations with their imaginative little noggins.

“Feed the cat”

Mom decided it was time for her 5-year-old to learn the lesson of responsibility by assisting with the household cat. Of course, telling a five-year-old to “feed the cat” leaves a lot to chance. (Congratulations to the child for selecting a nutritious item.)

“It’s too nice to stay inside and play games”

“It’s too wonderful to stay home and play video games,” said this little boy’s father. Do you believe this is what Dad had in mind? This does, however, bring back memories. Indoors were for homework, while outside was for play. We couldn’t wait to get outside back then! In fact, if you spent too much time inside, some adult was bound to tell you that you needed to get your you-know-what outside.

“Eat at least HALF your grapes”

Getting kids to eat healthily can be tricky. Even then, you know how kids can be finicky eaters, and even when they have their favorite food before them, they can find a reason to fuss if they feel like it. That’s why mom wasn’t kidding when she told her 4-year-old, “You have to eat at least HALF of your grapes.”

“Name these quadrilaterals”

We moved on to algebra after learning about polygons and isosceles triangles. That’s all I can recall. In any case, I learned enough to know that the names Bob, Sam, Tedison, Cate, and “Hary” are not those of the characters.

“Put your shoes by the door”

The 4-year-old girl above is VERY good at following instructions when her friend’s mother said, “Please put your shoes by the door”. Works for me!

“Put the cookies on the table”

After the cookies cooled, mom told her five-year-old to “put the cookies on the table” in preparation for guests. I suppose this serving technique (above) cuts down on dirty dishes a quite bit. Good thinking. (Look carefully at the second cookie on the left. Someone ate the arm. Busted!)

“Put these in the bathroom please”

This mom was hoping for a little more help when she said, “Put these in the bathroom.” (I think a lot of wives can relate, too.)

“Hint: It’s not Greenland”

OK, so WHO owns Greenland? Call me Curious George, but I had to Google for the answer. It’s Denmark. Yes. Denmark owns Greenland. You learn something new every day. You can wiki it here.)

“Get ready for an adventure story”

When Grandpa told him to “get ready for a bedtime story adventure”, so he grabbed a warm hat and a flashlight. That’s officer thinking right there. Boy Scout material.

“Write letters to Santa”

The teacher told everyone in the class to “write letters to Santa Claus”. This youngster is doing a perfect job, not just once, but TWICE. Bravo! A+ (He definitely deserves that train set, Santa. The DELUXE model, too. Don’t forget the batteries. P.S. No socks this year please.)

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These kids hilariously took advantage of the loophole in their parents’ instructions
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