When a little karate girl tries to break the board, her hilarious response gets everyone giggling.

Many children’s dreams include learning Karate. You’ve probably seen a martial arts movie as a child and fantasized about what it would be like to be able to do the things you saw. We get a treat in this video as a very little girl tries out karate.

This little kid, unsure of what she’s meant to be doing, makes a humorous attempt to break a board for her instructors. They continuously try to show her what to do, but they are unsuccessful.

The girl begins to wonder what they are up to and does her hardest to please the teachers. She has no idea that her humorous personality will make so many people happy.

Watching videos like this makes you reflect on your children’s childhood and all the lessons you attempted to teach them. Kids love to try new things, so exposing them to a variety of sports and activities is essential!

Everyone in the room was laughing and rooting for this little kid. I was so pleased simply seeing this that she eventually broke that board, even though she didn’t do it exactly how they planned, she did it in her own unique way.

“This is too cute!” many who have viewed the video have stated. “I think the small child was just making fun of everyone!” This video is cute and uplifting, and everyone agrees on that. “She did the atomic butt drop, this video is so cute!” exclaimed one watcher.

I bet you’ll laugh out loud when viewing the video. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think about all of this cuteness!!