Everyone applauds as Baby performs a ferocious ‘Irish Jig’ to traditional folk music.

Here’s something to get you in the spirit for the forthcoming St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Only a few months old, this cute newborn infant is a blossoming Riverdance super-star in the making.

When her mother plays some traditional Irish folk music, this young one literally dives in and begins performing a spirited Irish jig, which is a treat to behold. When the music starts, the baby’s face brightens with a happy smile.

Her hands form tiny fists and are held straight down her sides, just like the famous Irish dancers. Then the fancy footwork begins, and she performs her difficult steps and flashing feet all the way to the finish of the track while keeping time with a fast beat.

During her performance, the tiny tot incorporates a few standard arm moves, as seen in a Riverdance routine. The way this baby imitates an Irish dancer is almost uncanny.

It just goes to show how natural our love of music is to us. At the most fundamental, instinctive level. Despite the fact that this cute child has had no formal dance training, she moves almost exactly like a trained dancer in response to the vibrant beat of folk music.

This rising star’s love of dance and music hints at a career in the performing and visual arts. Let’s hope her mother ensures that she can continue to develop her skill as she grows older. Who knows, maybe in twenty years we’ll be royally amused again by this talented little miss.

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Everyone applauds as Baby performs a ferocious ‘Irish Jig’ to traditional folk music.
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