A four-year-old boy gives his new baby brother hilarious life advice.

vivacious, eccentric Kristina Kuzmic is well-known on social media for her candid advice and for being upfront and honest about managing daily life. Her commentary is frequently laced with humor, which draws an increasing number of people. She already has more than 2 million Facebook fans.

Despite her accomplishment, she steps away from the camera today to let her son take over. She is currently watching Baby Finn and is immersed in “baby speak” with him. She gets up after a minute and walks away, telling her kid that she’s going to make lunch.

Her four-year-old son takes a serious look at newborn Finn and begins to animatedly fill him in on what to expect in life: “I’ve been on this earth for four long years. Here’s some counsel from one man to another.” He begins to give some amusing but unexpectedly realistic counsel to newborn Finn.

His first words of wisdom were, “Mommy and Daddy are going to say ‘no’ a lot.” They’re only concerned with keeping you alive.” (This is really true!) Following that, he informs baby Finn that one day he will be responsible for wiping his own buttocks. “Nasty!” he screamed, and Finn’s eyes widened in surprise at this shocking news about his destiny.

There were also a couple of serious warnings in this clip. “Adults will try to convince you to sleep more. “Please don’t do it!” Finn appears to gurgle his approval to this one. He claims that if Finn does not, he will lose out on something great.

“Grown-ups will try to feed your strange stuff,” was the next caution. Finn’s eyes widen, and he appears to be afraid. The four-year-advise old’s was to never say “yes” to green things — unless they were green M&Ms!

Here’s some advice that even adults can use. “When in doubt, simply sing,” he said. He begins to serenade Finn, who appears to like it. Another lovely piece of advice was to remember to hug mum every day.

“Sometimes you must cry it out,” he concludes, “but I’m always here for you.” Finn beams with delight as if he’s relieved to know he’ll always be able to get back up. He then puts a big kiss on Finn’s brow. It’s very cute to see how these two interacted, and the advice was quite practical!

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A four-year-old boy gives his new baby brother hilarious life advice.
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