For His Quadruplet Grand-Nieces and Nephews, Granduncle Plays Guitar

“Hearing four newborns being serenaded by a loving family member is the only thing purer than watching a baby hear music for the first time.”

A group of five-month-old quadruplets sits on the floor in this video while their uncle plays a low, gentle acoustic guitar to their delight. Throughout the thirty-second video, the newborn’s nod, bob their heads, and squeal with delight.

Since its release in 2010, the video has received 13 million views. The video can be seen on the Four By Two YouTube channel. The channel was created by the parents of the four infants to document their children’s lives as they grew up.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t posted until 2010, the video is most likely older. The quadruplets were born in December 2008, and their appearance would not have been as youthful by 2010. They’re all ten now, and according to the channel, they’re still keeping mommy and daddy occupied. Other movies feature holiday celebrations and milestones for the kids, such as learning to ride a bike.

Isaac, Lucia, Jude, and Dahlia are the names of the children. There are two boys and two girls. On December 24, 2018, they all turned ten. Suzy and Ted, their parents, maintain a blog that they update on a regular basis. The blog continues to share the narrative of the children and their journey. It’s called Four By Two, which is also the name of the YouTube channel.

The kids were delivered preterm and spent 16 days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). For their first-time parents, who are devout Christians, this must have been a trying moment. Faith can be a source of strength, and it’s clear that one family relies on it to get through difficult times. On the blog landing page’s sidebar, there is a Bible scripture.

The YouTube channel, and especially the blog, are both factual and continuing accounts of what it’s like to raise so many kids. Suzy’s blog starts shortly after she finds out she’s pregnant. There are photos of that first ultrasound, and the parents were the ones who were most astonished to see four images. They’d have been overjoyed to see one!

Ted, Suzy’s husband, is credited with supporting her throughout the pregnancy and urging her to take care of herself. After a visit, they pose with their doctor in one photo. For each other, they are all smiling and at peace. A successful pregnancy and delivery require good medical care from a trusted doctor.

There are plenty of such instances like this in the blog. Suzy expresses her gratitude to God, asks for prayers, and relates stories about her children and their everyday shenanigans. Taking care of one child, let alone four, is difficult. Every day, Ted and Suzy encounter new challenges.

This adorable family was first brought to the public’s attention through a handmade music video, but reading and following along with their lives keep people fascinated. Who knows, maybe the quadruplets may establish their own band when they grow up.”

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For His Quadruplet Grand-Nieces and Nephews, Granduncle Plays Guitar
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