Cute Baby Oliver Wakes Up With Every Emotion

Little Oliver, also known as the ORB, has given the world a heartwarming journey that allows us all to join in the joy of parenting a kid. Baby Oliver wakes up with a rollercoaster of emotions unfolding in one of his most amusing reactions yet. Dad was there with a camera, which was a blessing!

Oliver is now a grown young man, yet his entire life has been a video blog from the beginning. This video demonstrates how petty children can be. Every expression is etched on their faces, as Oliver exemplifies here. The only emotion you’ll have after viewing this is overflowing delight at how hilarious it is.

This small tot is filled with a lot of emotion, from sound sleeping to feeling everything you can imagine before being pleased by the sight and sound of his father. One of the funniest things you could ever see is Oliver waking up. It’ll be an event to remember for the rest of the day.

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Cute Baby Oliver Wakes Up With Every Emotion
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